How has this not been done

2021.10.25 15:19 TemporaryEither7216 How has this not been done

How tf has 2k not created a ranking system for this game. If you’re good asf you should be playing with others that are just as good. Those trying to learn the ropes in online play constantly have mf afking and making it damn near impossible to do anything. I play league and I don’t understand how a ranking system can’t be implemented in this game
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2021.10.25 15:19 Burrow2Chase After being graded a 90.1 by PFF in 2020, Jessie Bates and the Bengals failed to reach agreement on an extension. In 2021 through 6 games, Bates has fallen off a cliff, grading just 62.2 on the year thus far.

I love Bates and want him to say but he's not doing himself any favors with his play this year thus far.
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2021.10.25 15:19 NolanTacoKing So.

Are the fortnitemare skins from week one and two coming back this week? I want to grab the All hallow's steve skin
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2021.10.25 15:19 KingBumiOfOmashu Revamping the Tier List: An Avatar in the Avatar State

Avatar in the Avatar State
This is something I planned on doing bi-annually and the time is now, especially considering that loads of people (including myself) have a problem with the way the community ranked the last tier list. <— click to view previous tier list
Once again I’ll be leaving the criteria for ranking a character within a tier up to the community (THAT’S YOU GUYS), so don’t come to me crying again like the last time about how I didn’t give any information as to how YOU should rank characters (because just like last time, I’m letting you all know it’s up to yourselves).
As for how characters rank in their specific tiers, such as:
I’m implementing a new way to place those characters and that would be:
• Whichever comment has the most upvotes is the placements that we’ll go with (since they have the most people agreeing with their content)
The only comments that will count will be comments where:
• This person ranked every single character in that tier (you can’t leave any characters out because “it was too hard to rank them”, etc)
• This person explained every single placement (you can’t just make 1,2,3 placements and not explain why, those comments will be deleted)
But this won’t happen until the very end and all characters have a tier.
I’ll be adding more tiers to make this easier for everyone since alot of people complain that “it’s too many characters in this tier”. Tiers will have a maximum of 10 characters only.
Lastly, another reminder, I will be deleting comments:
• Comments that contribute absolutely nothing
• Comments that talk about characters we haven’t reached yet
View Poll
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2021.10.25 15:19 MrBuckBuck What is your source of optimism in this world?

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2021.10.25 15:19 idkidc112 When can I use the derma roller?

can I use the derma roller right after I applied the minoxidil or do I have to wait? (I know that I have to wait 24 hours when I derma roll to use minox again but what if I use minox first?)
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2021.10.25 15:19 mcm9595 [WTS] Off White Converse White, Size 10.5, Preowned, $230

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2021.10.25 15:19 TateNoodle Darkrai now 4375 5216 7371

Add fast
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2021.10.25 15:19 TaijiInstitute Sulphur smell

Hi everyone, having some car trouble and was hoping people had an idea. Today our car (2018 Chrysler Pacifica) wouldn’t start. Turned out to be the battery, but it took a bit to jump start. Had to leave the cables on for awhile with our friends car revving before it would start. However, after driving it there is a distinct sulphur smell. I’ve never had that after jumping a battery and I’m wondering if there’s something else. Time / money is really tight right now so if I can avoid having to pay just to have someone tell me there’s nothing wrong (or what is wrong) I’d like to do that. Thank you for all the help!
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2021.10.25 15:19 TenguLIVE I Jumped Out Of An Airplane

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2021.10.25 15:19 Wthomas666 How do I remove the reflection of the light source from the glass in the lamp? I intend to add a flame png....

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2021.10.25 15:19 Motor-Ad-8858 Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit Record; World Struggles To Curb Damage

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2021.10.25 15:19 DogAndTheWay Looking for a Bay Area Stylist for a specific Occasion

Can anyone recommend an artistic stylist to me?
I have a TERRIBLE time shopping/picking out clothing for myself and pulling it all together and this is an important occasion and I want to look.. just right for once. I'm female.
The person I am looking for:

Thank you for any leads!
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2021.10.25 15:19 Lenny-Ad-9046 Sweater weather is here

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2021.10.25 15:19 Alive-Nectarine4381 New just need some recommendations.

I really wanna start again I haven’t skated since I was around 10 and I’m an adult now and really wanna get into it. I’ve been looking at zero decks and I really like the graphics but I know I need a whole lot more than just a deck but that’s about as far as my knowledge goes can anyone help me with recommending trucks and wheels and sizing.
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2021.10.25 15:19 jawarren1 What an "O"mazing mail day!

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2021.10.25 15:19 yBlookynho Gaster might have horns!!!!

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2021.10.25 15:19 calliemarie1 Being safe walking home from school.

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2021.10.25 15:19 Current-Analyst-1110 Live look at me giving people things 2 times the size of what they ordered because I’m tired of people complaining about things we don’t have getting nill-picked.

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2021.10.25 15:19 ExileForever What’s With China and Making TWO INCREDIBLE ANIMATED SERIES!

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2021.10.25 15:19 DawnoftheCrimsonage Dumb joke i laughed to hard at

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2021.10.25 15:19 Crisv2003 Legit check

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2021.10.25 15:19 Yog-- R/politics talks Patriot Churches and Matt Shea. Thoughts?

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2021.10.25 15:19 Never_Lucky_619 Players on market may not be visible to everyone?

Rafinha 105, no cards under 2 million, but mine can't sell for days under 1 mil. Busquets 109 not under 3 mil, I even saw some sell for more than 3.5 mil, mine doesn't sell for bit over 2 mil. How is this possible?
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2021.10.25 15:19 AnubisMaster Ao Kuang Jormungandr - Recolor Skin

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