2021.10.25 15:12 InvincibleBird [STH] ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WiFi Review AMD TR Pro

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2021.10.25 15:12 neonlymex Keisuke Be Like

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2021.10.25 15:12 HentaiHerbie Using College Gameday to Predict the Outcome of Nebraska Football Games During the Scott Frost Era: What Does It Tell Us?

There are a lot of advanced analytics in this modern era of football, I think we need to look at the effect that ESPN's College Gameday on the outcome of Nebraska games in the Scott Frost Era. This may be the most important predictor that we can use for these final 4 games.
Introduction First, I need to show some of the designations I am using for this. First off, I am using the NCAA's official list and results as tallied here. For my region designations of where College Gameday took place, we will be using the US Census designations and sub-regions, as noted here. Note that there was one game in this analysis, November 14th, 2020 vs. Penn State, where College Gameday attended no game and was instead at The Masters.
Looking Forward First, we need to look the upcoming game as this is a forward looking analysis before we know the outcomes. So here is the break down below:
The first thing to examine is the rankings of the two teams. The categories are as follows: Differential of 5 or less, Between 6 and 10, More than 10 or Featuring an Unranked Team/FCS. Tighter ranked games are better for Nebraska.

Ratings Diff Win Loss Win %
<=5 8 9 0.471
6-10 3 5 0.375
>10 3 6 0.333
NFCS 1 5 0.167
Next, we want to look at the region in which the game takes place. These regions are the major divisions of the map above. Southern and Western games are better for Nebraska:
Region Win Loss Win %
Midwest 3 8 0.273
Northwest 1 3 0.250
South 10 13 0.435
West 1 1 0.500
Now let's also examine the sub-regions of that map. Games taking place along the Eastern or Western seaboard are best for Nebraska:
Sub-Region Win Loss Win %
East North Central 1 3 0.250
East South Central 0 2 0.000
Middle Atlantic 0 3 0.000
New England 1 0 1.000
Pacific 1 1 0.500
South Atlantic 9 2 0.818
West North Central 2 5 0.286
West South Central 1 9 0.100
A Breakdown by Home Team Conference. What we really want is the ACC, Pac-12 or SEC as the home team:
Home Team Conf. Win Loss Win %
ACC 3 0 1.000
Big Ten 1 7 0.125
Big XII 2 6 0.250
Pac-12 1 1 0.500
SEC 5 5 0.500
G5 2 4 0.333
Ind. 0 2 0.000
No Game 1 0 1.000
Away Team Conference. Pac-12 or Notre Dame are best for Nebraska:
Away Team Conf. Win Loss Win %
ACC 1 2 0.333
Big Ten 3 8 0.273
Big XII 0 4 0.000
Pac-12 2 1 0.667
SEC 4 6 0.400
G5 2 4 0.333
Ind. 2 0 1.000
No Game 1 0 1.000
So what can we take away from the looking forward games? If this week's game features a ratings difference of less than 5 (17 games), Nebraska is in good territory. It is also even better if the game is in the South (23 games) or the West (2 games), and even better if the game is taking place in the South Atlantic (11 games), Pacific (2 games) or New England (1 game) sub-regions. If the ACC is the home team? Nebraska is guaranteed to win. If they are playing against a Pac-12 or Independent team, Nebraska is in a very good place. Notre Dame is the key factor for Gameday predictions. When ND is home, it is a guaranteed loss. When they are the away team, Nebraska is guaranteed a win.
Looking at Last Week's Game It may also be important to look at the previous week's game to determine what will happen to Nebraska. So let's look at the previous week's games. First, we will examine if the home or away team won, or if it was a neutral site game. Nebraska is best when Away teams win the week before:
Site Winner Win Loss Win %
Home 6 12 0.333
Away 6 8 0.429
Neutral 3 5 0.375
Now for ratings differential. The best is if there is an unranked or FCS team playing the week prior:
Ratings Diff Win Loss Win %
<=5 6 12 0.333
6-10 2 5 0.286
>10 3 6 0.333
NFCS 4 2 0.667
If last week's game took place in the Midwest, Northeast or the West, it's a boon for Nebraska:
Region Win Loss Win %
Midwest 6 5 0.545
Northwest 2 2 0.500
South 6 17 0.261
West 1 1 0.500
While the Eastern Seaboard is a boon if it is taking place the same week, if last week's game took place there, its bad juju. We want Midwestern or Deep South games the week before:
Sub-Region Win Loss Win %
East North Central 3 1 0.750
East South Central 1 1 0.500
Middle Atlantic 1 2 0.333
New England 1 0 1.000
Pacific 1 1 0.500
South Atlantic 2 9 0.182
West North Central 3 4 0.429
West South Central 3 7 0.300
For the previous week's Home Team, The ACC and Pac-12 are still a positive, though Notre Dame flips camps. A home SEC team the week before is now a bad omen:
Home Team Conf. Win Loss Win %
ACC 2 1 0.667
Big Ten 3 5 0.375
Big XII 3 5 0.375
Pac-12 1 1 0.500
SEC 2 8 0.200
G5 2 4 0.333
Ind. 2 0 1.000
No Game 0 1 0.000
For the prior week's away team, Notre Dame on the road is a death knell. ACC, Big Ten and SEC away teams bear better fortunes:
Away Team Conf. Win Loss Win %
ACC 2 1 0.667
Big Ten 5 6 0.455
Big XII 1 3 0.250
Pac-12 1 2 0.333
SEC 4 6 0.400
G5 2 4 0.333
Ind. 0 2 0.000
No Game 0 1 0.000
Nebraska does best when last week's game featured an Away winner, an Unranked/FCS team and was played anywhere but the South. Whereas the South Atlantic was a boon being played in the same week, the prior week's game being in that same region is a bad omen. Notre Dame flips the script on us: if they were home, Nebraska wins; if they were away, Nebraska loses.
What Does This Tell US About This Week Looking ahead to this week's Michigan @ Michigan State game. Rating differential is the only clear positive for a Nebraska win.
Category Pick Win %
Ranking Diff <=5 0.471
Region Midwest 0.273
Sub-Region E N Cent 0.250
Home Conf Big Ten 0.125
Away Conf Big Ten 0.273
Averages 0.278
Now last week's game gives a much more positive insight for the Nebraska game this week, away team Oregon took down unranked UCLA, all of which are positive. The only negative drag on the expected win percentage is that the away team was from the Pac-12.
Category Pick Win %
H/A/N Away 0.429
Ranking Diff NR 0.667
Region West 0.500
Sub-Region Pacific 0.500
Home Conf Pac-12 0.500
Away Conf Pac-12 0.333
Averages 0.488
What Does This Tell Us? TLDR: Honestly probably nothing, correlation =/= causation. Fun stupid exercise though.
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2021.10.25 15:12 RicoSuaveInvest Allbirds IPO

Breaking News: Allbirds IPO (BIRD), $12 - $14, 11/3/2021. Do you want to see a video?
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2021.10.25 15:12 TheGoldberryBombadil Estate planning attorney here - if you have interest, the field is extremely busy and many law firms cannot hire fast enough

With all of the boomers retiring and (ultimately) passing away, the changing tax laws, and the pandemic, there are no shortages of estate planning opportunities right now. If you look at the hiring opportunities at any firm with an estate planning / private wealth group, I am willing to wager there is a job posting for these groups right now. As the saying goes, the only things certain in this life are death and taxes, and we need all the help we can entering the workforce!
Hope this kind of posting is allowed! If you have interest in the estate planning field, I recommend taking the estate planning classes offered by your school, as well as a tax course or two. If you like your classes and have the opportunity, there are many small or solo estate planning shops that would likely jump at the opportunity to hire a clerk to help with the influx of work. If that works out, you can graduate law school with some experience in the estate planning field, setting yourself apart to potential employers. There are very few 'young' estate planning attorneys and as such, those who are committed to the field at a young age are very attractive hires right now. Just my two cents, because that is what worked for me, and we have only gotten busier since I graduated law school 8 years ago.
Good luck and good vibes to you all!
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2021.10.25 15:12 n8_xo Metal Gear Anime

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2021.10.25 15:12 Albertjweasel Bentham Halloween Party

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2021.10.25 15:12 Nebula-Logical Intelligence quotient decline following frequent or dependent cannabis use in youth: a systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal studies | Psychological Medicine | Cambridge Core

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2021.10.25 15:12 MotherOfCatsAndAKid To achieve the true loaf form, they must bring their limbs (legs and tail) in like landing gear on an airplane when it takes off, I’m almost sure of it. 🤔🤣🥰

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2021.10.25 15:12 d-2lover My dentist insists on removing my braces but I think there's still a long way to go

So I had severe overbite (and my teeth were disaligned) and got braces at 17. My dentist said it was too late in getting braces and I should only expect a little improvement, which I was fine with. He gave me braces and then rubbers then switched the rubbers for that metallic machine thing, then removed it and gave me rubbers again. It's been about 1.5 years now, and he wants to remove them. By wants to, I mean like he is telling me he won't treat me after a month.
I'm not sure what is going on with him, because anyone can tell my teeth and jaw, while having improved, still have a long way to go. Am I expecting too much? I mean he gets paid per session, so I don't see why he'd be against me getting more sessions. He's leaving to a far away hospital soon, but then again he doesnt really lose anything if I switch to another doctor. My lower jaw improved a lot but it still needs a lot of improvement as it goes back a lot when I remove the rubbers. The alignment of upper jaw is still pretty bad. When looking from the side, there's flaring, and when I tell him this he's super dismissive and goes on and on about how my bite is 'textbook perfect', when my teeth are visibly still poorly aligned. I also tell him when wires fall of and he says "that side" of my teeth is already perfect so he won't fix the wires..
What do I do? He wanted to take my braces off last session and I told him I still think my teeth can improve, and he disagreed at first then said he'll give me "a month tops", after which I have to promise him I'll remove them. It is a pretty weird situation
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2021.10.25 15:12 eTu666 Weekly Surface. New Genre Every Week! This week is Desi/ Bollywood Hits. Enjoy!

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2021.10.25 15:12 ihmyseIf What is the german version of r/xqcow ??? OMEGALUL

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2021.10.25 15:12 KingRyeEye 10.0k survivors

I know Little to late to post this but still. 10.0k lets go
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2021.10.25 15:12 KelcieMarie A little pumpkin 🎃 is on the way. 🍁These fall vibes are ❤🍂

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2021.10.25 15:12 Matt_Sandman Ever drive gb x5 link compatibility?

Hello, I am trying to link an everdrive gb x5 to an authentic game using a link cable. It does not seem like the everdrive recognizes the cable. Does anyone know if this a limitation of the technology, or is it possible I am missing something?
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2021.10.25 15:12 gbrannan217 Je m'appelle Greg et j'etudie à l'Université de l'Illinois. Je suis un francophone débutant. Pour mes devoirs, je devais faire une brochure de voyage. Je suis assez fier de mon accomplissement et je voulais partager avec vous parce que j'ai eu une bonne note.

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