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Bakkt to the moooon

2021.10.25 15:22 Aggressive_Major6256 Bakkt to the moooon

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2021.10.25 15:22 BodegaBoy_Kiji but when the Knicks did this to Ewing,it was disgraceful and “same old Knicks “

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2021.10.25 15:22 Gornkleschnitzer The world's only Undertale pinball machine is coming back to the Midwest Gaming Classic - finally.

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2021.10.25 15:22 Arievan First time finding some, can I get some help with id? Are these two different types? WA state

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2021.10.25 15:22 Ahenze85 Amanda Crew smoking in Silicon Valley

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2021.10.25 15:22 lostbreeder 32 [M4F] MN, Traveller in Minneapolis and St Cloud

Visiting for a couple weeks and free to help anyone wanting to get pregnant. Don't be shy 😉
I travel the world for business and am trying to have as many children in as many different places as possible. I'm tall, reasonably successful, educated, ddf able to provide proof and now covid vaccinated. If you want to get pregnant, reach out to me and let's see if we can't arrange something. I dont care about weight, appearance, or anything else, just be over 18, sane, disease free, and like the idea of getting impregnated. Open to just talking and making friends too. Hope to hear from you soon. On kik and Snap
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2021.10.25 15:22 NonnyH Race report: Rotterdam Marathon - new PB by over 6 minutes! (Cross post from /r/artc)

### Race Information
* **Name:** Rotterdam Marathon
* **Date:** October 24, 2021
* **Distance:** 26.2 miles
* **Location:** Rotterdam, The Netherlands
* **Time:** 2:51:29

### Goals
| Goal | Description | Completed? |
| A | Sub 2:53 | *Yes* |
| B | Sub 2:55 | *Yes* |
| C | PR (sub 2:57:57) | *Yes* |

### Training
I came back from a herniated disc in my back in mid-2019, and started running again after quite some time off. (My last marathon was Amsterdam in 2016, after which I took some time off to try to resolve my chronic achilles tendonitis, then to have a baby, who did not let me run past 20 weeks of pregnancy – he was born Dec 2017, and then the herniated disc.) By July I was pregnant with our second son – but he seemed to enjoy running more and I was fortunate to be able to run through the entire pregnancy, bar the final week before he was born. At the same time, I was going down a podcast rabbit hole of female runners who got faster in their 40s, and female runners who were training for Olympic Trials Qualifiers. As I listened to these stories, I heard consistently that easy mileage was the key. And this opened a door for me in my mind to think that I had more potential than my 2:57 in Amsterdam.

I started reading this sub, and learned so much from all of you. I bought Advanced Marathoning, and after I was cleared to run worked through some base training, some of the Faster Road Racing multiple distances schedule – but that was interrupted by a virus and then I actually pulled up with a slight injury before I could put my fitness to the test.

I started my 18/70 Pfitz plan 16 weeks prior to the marathon because apparently I can’t count! I figured that out about 6-8 weeks prior to the event, so surgically cut two weeks.

I was super happy with how the training went. I have never been more consistent (no interruptions with injury) nor run such high mileage. I nailed every marathon pace session (and I’d never done MP work before!). I improved my 10km PB by over a minute and got it down to 37:50 in a time trial 3 weeks prior to the marathon. I went in feeling strong, but still respectful of the marathon distance.

### Pre-race
A friend had a hotel room super close to the race start, so a few of us met up there. We went for a warm up run, and I was so grateful for the company to confer on what felt right in terms of attire. Although it was cold, by the end of the warm up we all felt we didn’t need arm warmers, but should wear gloves.

We got to the start around 9.25am (10am start). I was in the first wave, and because of the divider in the middle of the road, that allowed me to start just behind the sub-2:30 runners in Wave A (Wave B sub-2:45 and Wave C sub-3 were on the other side of the divider).

It was a super emotional start. Lee Towers, a Dutch singer, and all the starters, sang “you’ll never walk alone.” My heart swelled in gratitude. I felt the gravitas of the situation: a marathon is many months in the making, and it all comes down to race day – executing as best as you can, hopefully not making any mistakes, and having a bit of luck on your side. I closed my eyes and committed to giving it my best.

### Race
We got started and I tried to find a comfortable rhythm. I was wearing two watches (it’s complicated) but I am glad I did as I could validate with both that GPS was struggling. I immediately reminded myself of all the MP runs I’d done. I knew what pace I was looking for. I trusted myself, and just ran. I hit 5km in 20:32, a mere 2 seconds outside of 2:53 pace. Not bad for running on feel.

As my secret A+ goal was to run 2:51, I found myself speeding up slightly the next 5km, and hit the 10km marker in 40:52. This was a touch closer to the A+ goal.

Close to 15km I found one of my friend’s friends on the course. I’d met him minutes before the start of the race, but when he heard the crowd cheering my name, he turned around and smiled at me, and I felt like I’d found an old friend. This was perfect - someone to run with. Even better, I was feeling GREAT at this stage, and found myself going a bit too fast - so slowing to stay with him was the smart thing to do. 15km in 1:00:55. A+ pace.

The next 10km were more of a challenge. I found doubt creeping into my mind as we formed a big group, including 3 other women. I started thinking about how long there was to go. How could I maintain this pace? Wouldn’t I look stupid if I blew up in the second half? I found I rallied when I took a gel. This was great, as it reminded me every feeling in the race is temporary. There are good patches and bad patches. Just stick in the moment you’re in. This also opened up a feeling of confidence in me. I started telling myself “Nonny-facts.” “No one shows up on race day like you do.” “No one can respond to the energy of the crowd as well as you can.” And I looked down at my wrist where I’d written my race mantra: “You do hard things.” I do. I also want to do smart things. So I slowed slightly, letting the group go, and trusting that I would execute my race plan. Past the halfway mark in 1:25:43. And 25km in 1:41:36. A+

The next 5km returned to the centre of town, with a LOT of cheering. I always find the crowd finds a bit of novelty with a woman so far up the pack, so I heard a lot of cheers in my name, and got a lot of energy from it. I yo-yoed back and forth with my friend, and at one point said to him, “this is it from now on. Sometimes you’ll feel better and get ahead, sometimes I will. Let’s keep each other in sight and try to cross that finish line together!”
As I approached 30km, I’d fallen back, and I felt a cramp coming on in my left calf. I grabbed my salt tablet and popped it in my mouth. I thought about how you can trick your brain into thinking you’re giving it carbohydrate by swishing sports drink in your mouth, but not swallowing, so it releases glycogen. I figured, why wouldn’t it work with salt too? Maybe if I bit into my salt tab, my brain would realise salt was coming and fix the cramp immediately. So, I tried it, expecting a water station soon. It was further away than I expected, so I was very ready for it when it arrived. 30km in 2:01:51. A+
This next stretch I expected to be a grind, but in truth I oscillated between feeling great and grinding. During the moments I felt great, I was thinking, “only 10km to go.” Then I’d look at my watch and think, if I can hold a strong pace I could be pushing for 2:50! But then I’d go through a grind moment and tell myself not to get ahead of myself. I put my mind off my calf, and when I returned to it, it was feeling much better. At 34km there were video screens (supporters could send in videos) and I had the joy of seeing my amazing sister and her kids shouting, “auntie auntie Nonny! Oi! Oi! Oi!” I pumped my fist in the air and the crowd cheered even louder. At the next screen, I saw my two sons, dressed in their blue Nike tracksuits, holding an Aussie flag shouting, “go mummy go!” Tears sprung in my eyes. I knew I had only a few km more before I would see my husband and eldest son in the flesh. Grind on. 35km in 2:22:16. A+

The oscillation between good and bad became more frequent. But then, there they were! My husband with my three year old son perched on his shoulders. Massive high fives and cheers and smiles. That was really special. I needed it. As I ran on, I tried to do some maths on my projected finish time, but couldn’t figure anything out. I wanted to try a new technique of counting the number of people I was passing in the last 5km. I couldn’t even do that maths! 40km in 2:42:45. A+

The last 2.2km were more of a grind, but I kept passing people, desperately searching for the finish line, and trying to hold my form together. According to my GPS, I managed a fast final 400m in 3:38 pace, so I’m glad of the recent track training at higher speeds! Over the line in 2:51:29.

### Post-race
I’m super happy with how that went!! I learned I’d held my pace really consistently – my second half was a mere 3 seconds slower than my first! I had also placed 12th woman. As I look back, I think I was in such a state of flow throughout the race. There were a few moments where I let my thoughts get the better of me, but for the most part I look back and remember just being in the moment and not thinking too much. I don’t know what is responsible for that: I’ve been meditating for the last year or so consistently, so perhaps it’s that. When I run, I nearly always listen to podcasts – so maybe my mind just adjusted to not paying attention to my run. Who knows. But let’s hope I find that state of flow again in my next race.

I made a list of some things I’d like my future self to remember before the next race, and sharing here in case it helps someone else too:

  1. Take 2-3 salt tabs. The one I had saved me, but what if I’d felt another cramp coming on?
  2. It’s not such a crazy idea after all to wear two watches, if just to remind me to not be a slave to my GPS
  3. Do the gel decorating again! I wrote inspiring messages to myself on colourful sticky notes, and used clear tape to stick them to my gels. I also stuck on goal times for each km to reach 2:51, 2:52 and 2:53 pace, and color coded which km’s would have water, sponges etc. That also helped me include the right messages at the right time of the race - eg 7/8km gel had “find rhythm” whereas km 35 gel had “you gotta go!” and “how many can you pass”
  4. “You do hard things” was a quote I wrote on my wrist and my hand; it really resonated and served me well
  5. The carbo load of 8mg carb/kg of body weight for 2.5 days prior worked. It was definitely more carb than I’d eaten before

Thanks for reading this lengthy race report. Hopefully you found something in it that will serve you well in a future race – or at least enjoyed the read!
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2021.10.25 15:22 snzg Scam Versuch bei Kinderschuhen...?

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2021.10.25 15:22 Superlikbb Arkadaşlar... 😳 Ben Abdülhamid'i Savundum

Ben Abdülhamid adlı sahışı savundum 😳😳😳
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2021.10.25 15:22 dprinbvnvbn 🍤 FoodBank Token 🍤 Low MarketCap | Easy 100x 💎 Doxxed Team ✅ Huge Community 🔥 The next big crypto 🚀

FOODBANK is a token which gives funds to foodbanks and gives rewards and profit to you.

FOODBANK, a fast rising cryptocurrency token which launched 4 weeks ago is about to make its first charity donation to a foodbank. Launched on the Binance Smart Chain, FOODBANK is a crypto token that was born from its creators’ frustration at the growing number of foodbanks popping up in the UK and other developed countries.

In a series of weekly AMA’s “Ask Me Anything” broadcasts on the FOODBANK Telegram group, FOODBANK’s Creator and Chief Executive Officer, Chris Penman explained the thought behind setting up this new charity token. Chris says “FOODBANK was started as a reaction to the growing number of foodbanks currently in existence in what should be rich countries. Countries where despite the apparent national wealth, even those working two jobs somehow do not earn enough to feed their families. FOODBANK was started I guess out of frustration and bewilderment that someone working a full time job in the UK or USA or other “first world” country could actually find themselves unable to pay for food. How can that even be possible?”. Chris goes on to say, “FOODBANK was created to see if perhaps, we, the crypto community could fund local foodbanks and help our own local communities.”

You’ll note the word LOCAL in there. Chris’ dream for FOODBANK is that the funds raised actually go to foodbanks LOCAL to the major holders of the token or indeed to groups of holders with a large joint holding of the token. Chris notes that “There are many tokens where the charity is in some far off land and people you do not know and where any funds raised are spent without the holders seeing the actual benefit of the work the cryptocurrency is doing.” Having invested in such projects in the past he feels that major token holders should be able to see the work the project does and feel the pride in the work their investment is doing. In a world where there is so little hope, Chris wants his investors to see that they can make a difference


Tokenomics are:

✅ 3% of any sale is redistributed to the other holders

✅ 1% of any sale goes into the liquidity pool

✅ 4% of any sale goes into a charity wallet

✅ 2% of any sale goes into a marketing wallet


✅ CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x6359F0d2004433D2A38b03DCe8f966Cc243F1da9

✅ BUY DIRECT: https://foodbankcrypto.org/buy-now/

✅ twitter: u/foodbankcrypto

✅ TG: https://t.me/Foodbank_crypto
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2021.10.25 15:22 rtuttle29 Went to see BBNO$ in chicago last night and I got his Youtooz signed! Had such a great time and he was so chill to talk to :)

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2021.10.25 15:22 CODEX_O_BARBARO As a white man (🤮) is it cultural appropriation to watch non-american TV shows?

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2021.10.25 15:22 serigraphcoffee ICU - Look At Me (Live @ Almaty Nomad Hall Kazakhstan / 211009)

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2021.10.25 15:22 jarvischrist Sorry I only have experience fitting my Sirvelo on my Porche

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2021.10.25 15:22 Delta_heart NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hermano la peor tortura😭😭😭

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2021.10.25 15:22 SuperTett What if Master Kenobi took the death sticks

What if Master Kenobi took the death sticks
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2021.10.25 15:22 The_Denver_D Tyler Thull

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2021.10.25 15:22 Sir_Schmoopems I woke up this morning with this idea for my FC’s Halloween Holiday picture competition…The End Of All.

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2021.10.25 15:22 ben4292 I'm telling mom.....again!

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2021.10.25 15:22 RvBVic Five Nights At Fozzies

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2021.10.25 15:22 AW_16 Looking Back On Last Season's "Success"

It was an absolute mirage of a season that fooled us into thinking how good we really were. We finished 7-9 after a very weak schedule that was helped enormously by some extra injuries etc. Had the 49ers been healthy, had Dak not gone down, had Joe Burrow not got injured, then we would have had at most 5 wins in my opinion.
As a result, our shit performances this season are more reflective unfortunately of where we truly are as a team. Look, last year was a complete fluke, where we were helped by a LOT of external factors (who remembers Philly subbing Nate fucking Sudfield in ffs). That said, it is not unrealistic to have demanded a lot more from the defense; to go from how good they were last season to almost dead last in the NFL is nowhere near good enough, and serious questions need to be asked about JDR.
On the offensive side of the ball, I personally don't think that Scott Turner has been too bad and I think we should give him a QB he likes to work with in order to see if he's the man. If not fuck it, we go again as a Franchise. We also NEED to use high draft picks on offensive weapons or skill players in general this year, our lines are set bar perhaps a franchise LT.
All in all though, last year set our wholesale rebuild back by a year, and had we missed the playoffs we would have been in a great position to get our QB. Our success was a mirage, and it blurred a lot of fans expectations this year. There were clear pros and cons to going for the playoffs last year, and I personally was initially down to tank but my mind soon changed when winning last year felt GOOD.
Now, all we can do is accept the situation that we are in now, and play out the rest of the season (where our schedule is TOUGH) and I think we'll be in a good position to resume from where we were in summer 2020, with our own rookie QB for Ron and Scott to develop. I ultimately don't think we can judge Scott and Ron until they have their guy. This may be easy for me to say as a fan who has only truly followed the team for around 5 years in comparison to those long-timers, but this is how I see it.
One more thing, FUCK DAN SNYDER, and I hope the FBI go knocking on his door and demand him to sell the team.
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2021.10.25 15:22 PianoDaddy Yaar Mangiyasi Piano Notes Kaante

Yaar Mangiyasi Piano Notes Kaante Available On Piano Mint.
Kaante #SonuNigam #Learn #Music #Notes #Notations #Sheet #Education #Piano #keyboard #MusicEducation #Play #Songs #Lyrics https://www.pianomint.com/hindi-songs/yaar-mangiyasi-kaante-piano-notes/
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2021.10.25 15:22 Chris_sotoph Recycling-Materialien für Boulderpads.pdf

im Rahmen eines Uniprojekts haben wir untersucht, aus welchen Recycling Materialen man Boulderpads eigenständig herstellen könnte. Das ist keine Anleitung zum Bau einer Matte, sondern eine Untersuchung der Tauglichkeit von leicht verfügbaren Rohstoffen.
Nehmt euch doch die Zeit unseren Bericht dazu kurz zu lesen und lasst uns darüber diskutieren.
LG :)
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2021.10.25 15:22 GrouchyAccountant164 Career advice- Post graduations plans; Psychology major deciding on grad school

Hi Everyone, Im an Psychology major graduating in may. I really enjoy I-O Psychology and was at first thinking about that degree but now interested in HRM MS. One of the reasons I would like to do HRM instead of I-O is because 1) GRE: I don't take standardized test well 2) statistics aren't my thing. 3) My gpa is high and could get me into better programs if I did HRM versus I-O.
I know IO, HRM, and MBA all intertwine but definitely don't want to do a MBA. I have a few questions about the HRM MS degree.

  1. I-O psychology pathways ia mainly HR and consulting thus why I want to do the HRM MS degree. But, with the HRM degree, is it only for HR? Can you do consulting with it as well? What about risk management? Do you have to get certifications for other career pathways?
- I don't know too much about Consulting or Risk Management but definitely want to do HR.
2) I would want to do a traditional program. I don't like online school, but I have having trouble finding reputable programs. What would you suggest are the "best" in the country?
- I am going to apply to jobs/schools and see what the offers i get from both. I don't have any work experience but I do have a high gpa ( 3.6) , in Psi Chi Honor Society, President in Law fraternity, make deans/chancellors list, have experience in psychology research labs working along with a advisor.
Please no hate and only giving uplifting advice. It is reddit and people like to comment the bad more than the good. I would like to stay optimistic here please
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