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Unfamiliar Structural Term

2021.10.25 15:04 Embarrassed-Sense-67 Unfamiliar Structural Term

I encountered the term #' and #" in a strcutural book, is this just a strange way of writing in-lb and ft-lb?
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2021.10.25 15:04 WestonNey I took this photo of myself with my Sony camera and self timer, it’s a waterfall in the PNW. What do you think?

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2021.10.25 15:04 kebcukhusameddin BEYLER BENIM SIKIM 60 CM NORMALMI??

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2021.10.25 15:04 AvgJoeCrypto Should You Buy a Bitcion ETF?

Bitcoin Futures ETF vs Spot ETF. What to know before investing.
Should you buy a bitcoin etf?
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2021.10.25 15:04 Unlucky-Mud-4754 (Spoilers Main) Do you think that book Joffrey is a Complete Monster?

So, for those of you who don`t know there is a trope created by TV Tropes called Complete Monster (also known as Pure Evil). They are regarded as the very worst of the worst characters from a certain franchise. There are a lot of requirements for this trope but the main ones are the following:

  1. The character has ABSOLUTELY NO REDEEMING QUALITIES. Even if a character has some redeeming qualities at the start of the story he/she could still become a Complete Monster if he/she loses them. Even one single redeeming quality is enough to disqualify a character from this trope.
  2. The character in question commits horrible, atrocious crimes that are presented seriously within the story and their actions are worse than the actions of most other villains in the story. We also take into account their resources and their ability to cause harm to other people. This means that if a character has more resources (if for example he/she is a ruler that commands thousands of people), then he/she needs to comit bigger atrocities in order to stand out. If a character has less resources to harm people (for example, if he/she is a lone serial killer), then he/she qualifies if their crimes are heinous enough considering their resources. If a character`s actions are not heinous enough by the standards of the story then he/she can`t be a Complete Monster. The character`s crimes must pass several different heinous standards in order for the character to count as a Complete Monster:
- The baseline standard - This is a common standard that all villains need to pass, no matter the work they come from. This means that the villain needs to commit crimes that are worse than animal cruelty, theft, abuse (unless the abuse is REALLY extreme but that rarely happens) and trying to kill the main characters (because this is something most villains try to do).
- The standards of the work - This means that the villain should be compared to other villains from the same work (or franchise) to see if his/her actions are bad enough to make him/her stand out. This means that a villain who comes from a lighthearted series like My Little Pony needs to be compared to other villains from My Little Pony and not to villains from grimdark franchises such as Warhammer 40000, A Song of Ice and Fire and Berserk. Similarly, a villain who comes from a work with high heinous standard should be compared to other villains from the same franchise and not to villains that come from My Little Pony.
- The resource standard - This means that we should also take into consideration the villain`s resources and their ability to hurt other people as I already mentioned.
- The system standard - This means that if a villain is part of an organization or a group, then the villain needs to be the worst member or one of the worst (if the organisation is big like the Galactic Empire for example)
3) The character`s motivation for commiting those crimes or the character him/herself are never portrayed sympathetically and he/she has either no excuse for his/her actions or their excuse is not portrayed sympathetically. Even if the character in question has some traumatic moment that has shaped his/her personality, it doesn`t excuse their actions and the narrative doesn`t try to make you feel sorry for them. In short, this means that the audience is not supposed to feel ANY SYMPATHY for the character.
4) The character has enough understanding of human morality to tell right from wrong and make decisions. This means that characters who are severely mentally ill, possessed or brainwashed, made of evil or from a race or culture that can`t comprehend morality or has an entirely different morality can`t qualify. However, characters who are mentally ill can still qualify if they can tell right from wrong despite their mental illness (for example, the Joker).
5) The character is portrayed seriously and is not a Comic Relief (a character you are supposed to laugh at and not take very seriously). Even if the character is funny he/she can still be a Complete Monster if they are portrayed seriously despite their sense of humor. If the character is treated as a joke by the narrative itself (which often happens in kid`s shows), then he/she can`t be a Complete Monster.
6) The character must make AT LEAST ONE APPEARANCE in the story itself. Characters that are just mentioned by other characters and make no appearance can`t qualify. Aside from that, if all the crimes commited by the character happen off-screen/off-page and are only vaguely described, then he/she can`t be a Complete Monster.
7) The audience is not supposed to feel bad for a Complete Monster when something bad happens to him/her because their comeuppance is completely deserved and the narrative doesn`t try to make the audience feel sympathy for the Complete Monster.
8) The character must come from a work which has at least some semblence of plot and is not pure exploitation and is more complex than "bad guy does evil things for no apparent reason" type of plot. A horror film or book can still contain a Complete Monster but it needs to have some plot. For this reasons films like Human Centipede and Serbian Film don`t contain Complete Monsters because they are viewed by TvTropes as plotless exploitation even though the villains are extremely repulsive.
9) A character must meet ALL of the above mentioned criteria in order to be a Complete Monster.
TV Tropes thinks that Joffrey is a Complete Monster (the other 4 characters that are listed as Complete Monsters are Ramsay Bolton, Gregor Clegane, Craster and Rorge). Here is his entry:
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2021.10.25 15:04 Leo_Saga90 Oh no...

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2021.10.25 15:04 DescriptionRight6140 Chicken Paws...

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2021.10.25 15:04 ICh00seYouPikachu What's going on with Calvin Ridley?

Can someone who has been regularly watching the Falcons games shed some insight on the Ryan and Ridley situation? The targets are obviously there but he hasn't surpassed 100 yards in a single game this season. Is it a new offensive scheme or Ryan just doesn't have the arm strength anymore to toss the Julio balls that he used to?
Also, what exactly happened yesterday? 10 targets & only 4 receptions for a whopping 26 yards is insane for any starting WR on any team. Obviously we were saved by the TD but the catches and yardage total doesn't inspire much confidence that he'll turn it around anytime soon. I know he missed last game for a mental health break so maybe just shaking off the rust?
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2021.10.25 15:04 Astronometry They were doing work outside my house and left this scaffolding up on the stairs for four days without working already. I hope it was a joke, but a few days ago, I went to check the mail and I was told that the mailman saw them working there and couldn’t deliver

They were doing work outside my house and left this scaffolding up on the stairs for four days without working already. I hope it was a joke, but a few days ago, I went to check the mail and I was told that the mailman saw them working there and couldn’t deliver submitted by Astronometry to mildlyinfuriating [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 15:04 smartybrome Management Skills- New Mangers Leadership and Development

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2021.10.25 15:04 Happyhour235 I dare you to find something I can’t relate to Squid game !

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2021.10.25 15:04 joepoggers98 Crucix location

I’m really stuck trying to find this boss, I’ve unlocked the staircase shortcut with the golden button, but when I progress I just come to dead ends. Can anyone point out where I should go?
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2021.10.25 15:04 trevormckee Artistic Improvement [OC]

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2021.10.25 15:04 mollyzedolly I often get told I’m a little strange looking, but I think that’s a good thing. (22F)

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2021.10.25 15:04 ItsAlecito Now no one goes to heaven

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2021.10.25 15:04 CivilWarfare Please just be quiet

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2021.10.25 15:04 ShellShockerUSA Witch hunt

Is anything non-fused salable? I've yet to craft anything.. just wondering
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2021.10.25 15:04 cmanli_906 35 [F3M] Hope to find men over 30 for dating and chatting here.

I wrote this article to help me understand if I am not alone. And received an exciting text message from that special friend. Does it seem easy?

Learn new things from each other. Sometimes it will last until the next day. Build more excitement... Next may move to another app to share photos. Sometimes not.

I am an honest real woman. Just looking for people to share work with every day. I also work full-time and still have time to text. I always respond.

Please respond only if you are serious and honest. I don't play games.
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2021.10.25 15:04 ShiningStar5022 The Chaos Arc - Chapter 9: THE GRAND FINALE/WOTFI Vid

Previous Chapter:

Continuing from where the last video left off, SMT tries & sics SMG4 onto Mario, under the belief that SMG4 was a parasite that corrupts games for his amusement, Mario, with the encouragement of Kawaiishima, knows that SMG4 doesn't corrupt people with retardedness, but makes people's lives more enjoyable. But, more on that later, for right now, Kawaiishima arrives to help Mario & SMG4 duke it out in their usual challenges in order to play along with SMT.
We get our challenges here
For the song, it is about how much SMG4 has enriched the lives of everyone around him & how memes are actually a form of fun, not a form of destruction & despair like SMT is stating. SMG4 making everything dumb wasn't him corrupting everything at all, but him enhancing the lives of everyone with more fun, not for HIS amusement, but for everyone's amusement. After all, what's life without a little fun. We all need a breather after a tough day of work & despite SMT claiming that SMG4 brings chaos, which is his main desire, SMG4 is NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL!
Kawaiishima helps MArio & Co bring the final blow to SMT, as he's dragged off to hell. In the end, SMG4 voluntarily goes inside his guardian pod. However, Kawaiishima states that purifying a guardian pod may result in SMGs losing their memories....
Everyone looks into suspense as the guardian pods are purified &, to everyones surprise, SMG4 & SMG3 still have their memories intact.
With Kawaiishima emerging from the heavens & the Newgrounds Characters congratulating Meggy for her role of saving the Mushroom Kingdom, helping Shroomy patch things up with Doom Guy, & helping Melony get over her grief of losing Axol + helping her control her powers, everyone lives happily ever after!
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2021.10.25 15:04 jobsinanywhere Judicial review is a people’s right.I’m going to fight this government attempt to destroy it | David Davis

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2021.10.25 15:04 CoinceptLN Inbound Channel Liquidity from Coincept!

Coincept is now selling Inbound Channels from our well connected node The Captain (1ML). We have a web interface where you can select your channel capacity, input your node pubkey, and pay your invoice via on-chain or lightning.
Min channel size is 100k sats and max is 25M. We plan to increase the maximum channel size in the future. The fee is 20bps (0.2%) + channel opening/closing fees. Channels will be kept open for at least 1 month and longer if there is any activity.
Please let us know if you have any questions or have any issues using the site.
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2021.10.25 15:04 iReclus3 Mega Absol 4658 9182 4861

Can add 10
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2021.10.25 15:04 vapist77 Upday news app

Hi all
I get upday news alerts on my S10 which I like, I like the format of the app. But it doesn't seem to have an icon so I can load it manually. I know I can load it by swiping right on OneUI but I'm using nova as my launcher so that loads Google news when I swipe.
Why doesn't upday have an icon ?
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2021.10.25 15:04 TheSpiderPatriot Next Time on DEATH BATTLE! Akuma VS Shao Kahn (Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat)

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2021.10.25 15:04 sunsetstrips 30 [M4F] - snap me random things around you! Anyone welcome!

Just PM or DM me with your info and I'll start a conversation based off of what you send!
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