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Wait a minute , arent we supposed to loose from her??

2021.10.25 15:05 rebelbunny10 Wait a minute , arent we supposed to loose from her??

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2021.10.25 15:05 married-a-saracen [England] What are the legal/financial implications of my mother sending her payslips to my address?

My mother does not have a fixed address, and she required one to have her payslips sent to. She asked me if they could be sent to mine, and I agreed.
I didn't give this a second thought, but the first payslip showed up today and my wife became very irate about it and claimed that my mother is now 'financially affiliated' (her words) with us.
Have I put my wife and I under any legal or financial difficulty or 'affiliafion' with my mother by doing this? Does this actually affect us in any way?
Apologies if this is a trivial question.
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2021.10.25 15:05 Octofoto Probably already made but whatever

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2021.10.25 15:05 TrotBot 3000 hours of trying to mech people even before the buff makes for spicy ults now, 4k with nuke and mech

3000 hours of trying to mech people even before the buff makes for spicy ults now, 4k with nuke and mech submitted by TrotBot to Overwatch [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 15:05 PaolitoG12 Why do Turkish TV series have such bad acting?

Hello friends,
My gf is Turkish and in my recent attempts to learn the language I tried to watch some famous Turkish series on Netflix. I don’t understand why the acting is soooo cheesy (close ups, melodramatic, lack of emotion). I’ve seen better acting in porn films.
Why is this? Do producers and directors in Turkey just not care?
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2021.10.25 15:05 Glad_Name_5072 BabyChibaINU - One of the most ambitious projects on BSC🔥| Launching Now 🎉| Rewards to Holders💰| No Whale & No Bots 💪

🐶千葉市INU かわいいトークン - Making the world a better place by bringing cuteness to those who need it the most. Meme theme decentralized token powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BabyChibaINU is fully decentralised and owned by its fun, vibrant community. Introducing the newest member of the extended doge family.
🐶千葉市INU – BabyChibaINU is designed to reward long term holders. Community is first and foremost. 🐶千葉市INU – BabyChibaINU is proud to run with his founding father and provide transparency and fairness to the community!
🔰🐶千葉市INU – BabyChibaINU is a true patriot to his homeland and he is willing to prove it by allowing everything to be subjected to a vote; • Where will the marketing funds go❓ • When do we turn on our buyback system❓ • Who should be the coin’s new president❓ You will decide.
📌No matter how big or small, as long as you are a citizen of the 🐶千葉市INU republic and are a proud holder of our token, your vote will be counted.
✔️ Huge marketing plan
✔️Buy-back function with rewards for holders
✔️Anti-Bot & Anti-Whale mechanism
✔️ Liquidity will be locked
🐕BabyChibaINU use the following tokenomic breakdown to power it is system and provide the premier token reward platform, using a:
• 8% Reflection/Redistribution Tokens to All Holders
• 1% Added to Liquidity Pool to Maintain Stability in Coin
• 1% Added to Marketing
Contract: 0x15b418e99baa74a46affb0cf1b295cee485b8fff
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x15b418e99baa74a46affb0cf1b295cee485b8fff
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x15b418e99baa74a46affb0cf1b295cee485b8fff#readContract
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x84d97FB2a66fa9050108947AaD60a7E48Eb805d5
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2021.10.25 15:05 coachmattchild Latinx destiny, making the liberals more bets with his blue light.

Child of the lie, 5 foot 2 beta male, lower testosterone.
Hassan is coming for you.
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2021.10.25 15:05 damian_w8loss Donations

Hey guys full time student. Just looking for some donations for day today expenses. Definitely not in dire need. Also wanting to get my weight-loss page up and running, so was wanting to be able to buy some promotions for my posts. Thanks guys. $DD2528
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2021.10.25 15:05 colburnside WD Elements 12 TB $199 @ Newegg, expires in 12 hours

Promo code SS2AAZ2528
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2021.10.25 15:05 silkyslim416 Tune into my YouTube Channel & see how I handle being pulled over with 1/2 LB of Weed in the city of Toronto 🤔

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2021.10.25 15:05 WingedBull420 Is it tho?

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2021.10.25 15:05 Batty_Belfry If you could time travel to any point in history, but had to live there for the rest of your life, when and where would you go?

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2021.10.25 15:05 FlackoBaggMyers Watch for watch 2 mins

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2021.10.25 15:05 Braedon_Walker Darkrai on me 0846 0669 7604

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2021.10.25 15:05 RegExrBot Funko Pop! Deluxe: Star Wars Battle At Echo Base Series - 6 Probe Droid Amazon Exclusive Action Figure now available at Amazon

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2021.10.25 15:05 lol67899 PSYC 2235

I'm planning on taking PSYC 2235 next semester with prof John Streukens. How is he? How are the tests and assignments in his class?
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2021.10.25 15:05 TaylorSwift_Karim Urzbu cüzdanı dızladı 2dk'da

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2021.10.25 15:05 Houston_NeverMind BIOS update without battery

I'm using Asus R558UQ model and its battery was dead a long time ago so I removed it. Now I was looking to update the BIOS and I copied the update file into a bootable usb and entered the BIOS Utility - Advanced Mode settings during startup. From there I accessed the Asus EZ Flash 3 Utility v03.00 to install the update but the popup came up saying that battery should be connected. I tried typing "risky" at that screen but nothing happens. Can somebody help me?
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2021.10.25 15:05 BigBuckZuck A giant like Mastercard partnering with BKKT? Yes baby… 🤤 When has another company like Mastercard with a market cap of 360 BILLION partnered with crypto? 🚀

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2021.10.25 15:05 Canadian_HorrorStory I'm earning $360 USD/day for ~3 hours of honest work.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I left a PhD program with my master's to take this research job because I realized that with my work ethic being what it is, I'll never finish my PhD. Since COVID and working at home, I can't hold myself accountable for anything. I wake up at 8am to invent what I'm going to say at our morning scrum meetings, then pray that no one presses me for information or tries to talk with me one-on-one so they don't realize that I'm a complete imposter who hasn't been doing half of the work I've been claiming to do. Once this happens, sooner or later I know I'm going to be given a reprimand or probationary period and the person who scored me this job (my adviser at grad school) is going to embarrassed for vouching for me.
I just saw a psychiatrist who switched me from one antidepressant to another and prescribed an ADD medication. Today is my first day on the new medications but I just feel nauseous and afraid they won't change anything. I can't stop procrastinating or feeling so damn guilty for the money I'm making but not earning. I recently decided to sponsor a young girl through the Save the Children foundation, as if this would make me feel any better about being a pampered waste of space.
All of my guilt is compounded by the fact that I moved 700 miles away from my aging parents to go to grad school, and although I know they're proud of me, I also can't stand the thought of their hurt at being left behind.
There. I think that about covers it.
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2021.10.25 15:05 pedal_deals_bot Yamaha Motif ES 6 - $51 ($21 + $30 S/H) 100%

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2021.10.25 15:05 CanYouDiglettIt Anon tried to relax

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2021.10.25 15:05 SquishyUnic0rn21 Clairvoyance bug is broken?????

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2021.10.25 15:05 anybody662 What's wrong with my San Pedro?

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2021.10.25 15:05 KineticKrakoan Which Batman book do you think is better: The Long Halloween or Year One?

These two books are not only my two favorite Batman stories of all time, but two of my favorite comics of all time overall. I'm curious which of these books do you think is better?
I tend to like The Long Halloween more because we see a Batman as a detective , but I think Year One has better writing and artwork. I'm not saying that Loeb and Sale are bad, they did a fantastic job, but I think Miller and Mazzucchelli are on a higher level.
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