Chin and Jaw Fillers for Facial Harmonization?

2021.10.25 14:32 mianoriega Chin and Jaw Fillers for Facial Harmonization?

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2021.10.25 14:32 E-MAN6060 Bugs bunny cycle of life

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2021.10.25 14:32 Rezound_VOA Had to switch up the Triple White Mids to bless my sole

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2021.10.25 14:32 mart1_m Que signifie "pouvoir d'achat" en Bourse / PEA

Bonsoir à tous,
Je débute (doucement) en bourse et ai ouvert un PEA. J'ai déjà quelques actions et je comprends tout à fait le fonctionnement etc. Cependant : j'ai actuellement 26€ sur mon compte de liquidité, et souhaite passer un ordre pour acheter une action à cours limite demain matin à l'ouverture, à 21,25€ (21,35 environ frais inclus). Au moment de passer l'ordre, un message d'erreur s'affiche, "Le montant de l'ordre excède votre pouvoir d'achat".
Je ne comprends pas ce que ça signifie, qqn pourrait il m'aider ?
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2021.10.25 14:32 EvilPhd666 Sudan, a nation listed for destruction in the PNAC doctorine, is undergoing a military coup!

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2021.10.25 14:32 Logos689 My first campaign as a DM. Curse of Strahd Revamped supplemented with Van Richten's Guide To Ravenloft. I love constructive criticism.

We have four Players. Dragonborn Wizard(played d&d once or twice before), Hexblood Rogue Inquisitor (the only one who has played d&d extensively before), kalashtar ranger horizon walker(first time), and dwarf nature cleric (first time). No one was aware it was CoS before making their characters. I've written one shots, but this is my first time DMing a full campaign. I've been a player for almost five years consistently.
-Session 1: -I began using two adventure hooks and the Death House dungeon from CoS Revamped. I definitely changed a bit of Death House to make it work better for our campaign. Each character has a trinket that ties to their character's past that also acts as a mist talisman that allowed them to travel to the domains of dread.
Adventure hook A: Asked by the city leader to clear out Vistani outside the city walls. Vistani asked adventurers to clear our their nearby house, sending them into the woods and more importantly the mist.
Adventure hook B: Two players, both agreed previously to be partners at a private investigator firm. They were at a tavern when contacted by a client who was sent by the Burgomaster of Barovia to find heroes to save his daughter. They went out into the mist.
Once brought to Barovia, they all found themselves in the woods, but could hear the crying of children nearby. After a short moment of being suspicious of each other they moved to help. They found all of the content in the actual house. The dwarf rolled a natural 1 while checking out the dumbwaiter, and so I rolled 2 d6s. He went down immediately, and as a beginner's gift I removed his left hand instead of killing him. We roleplayed him struggling to continue the quest as he was bleeding out (it was funny).
They decided to keep the children where they could see them after they found the picture of the family, and the kids disappeared when they tried to bring them inside. They made it to the attic, but the dwarf ended up having to leave so we agreed that he fell unconscious. The dragonborn Wizard agreed to carry him. Once in the basement/dungeon the only room they skipped had the Strahd statue. They found some gold in a human skin sack that I decided to make a Magic Bag of Holding (I'm hoping to use Bagman because one of my players is obsessed with claiming magic items first).
Upon being commanded by the cultists to sacrifice someone, one of the other players used the unconscious dwarf as the sacrifice. The cult was appeased and the dwarf vanished into thin air, we ended here.
-Session 2: -The players went back the way they came. However, they specifically remembered about a room they skipped last time. My plan was to revive the dwarf (I have a fun idea) by having him just show up at the inn in Barovia after waking up in some ruins. However, I figured it would be easier to have the smoky orb in Strahd's hand explode but from it erupts darkness. After the explosion, the dwarf laid at their feet. They were suspicious, but allowed the dwarf back into their crew. As they hit level 3, the rogue chose horizon walker subclass. I thought it would be amusing to let him sense a planar portal because the mist all around him technically. I allowed him along with an arcana roll to discern that they had been moved from their home plane to a mysterious plane. This actually gave their characters a greater sense of purpose: to escape together. The kalashtar's trinket was an inkwell that makes one nauseous when they look at it. He used it to write on the back of Strahd's letter to the Dursts. I knew immediately what to do. Id already planned to give the dwarf nightmares of a carnivorous insect crawling around inside the arm of his missing hand. So I gave the kalashtar a nightmare about the letter. He found himself in a crypt where the letter laid before him. In blood it read: Im coming for you.
They made it to Barovia and met the crying Mad Mary as well as the Burgomaster's daughter. I plan for the daughter to be an important NPC, but not the reincarnation. In the Van Richten's Guide, they offered a few alternative reincarnations, but I've yet to settle on one. The party was asked to deliver the Burgomaster's corpse to the graveyard. They did so, but eventually things got awkward. They agreed to bury the corpse with the crazy priest, but they got a bit overly suspicious of the priest due to his son being locked in the basement. They grappled and shattered the priest's knee in a fit of Murder Hobo, and took him down to face his son. They assumed the vampire spawn was chained up when they saw him in the back corner, he wasn't. Eventually, the priest died when the vampire spawn attacked before I was able to tell the party about the Hag that roams Barovia. During the battle the party managed to get the vampire down to 1 health, but I'd been having the Vamp continually move towards the exit and he'd made it just before they could kill him. As he escaped he locked the hatch locking them in. I was laughing on the inside knowing he escaped with 1 hp left.
-My thoughts: 1. I want to use the dwarf as a servant from a different dread Lord as they try to consume Strahd or escape from the domains of dread. Maybe as a portal to their domain once they obtain an item or something. Maybe something with Ezra the goddess of the mists. 2. I sort of plan for a survivor of this campaign or an escaped darklord to be the main villain of our next campaign outside the dread realms. 3. The dragon born wizard's trinket is a necklace chain that belonged to their older sibling. I decided to add more context to their characters' backstories. In Van Richten's Guide it has several tables that players can roll on to add more depth to their characters. The wizard rolled on harrowing events and it was decided that their older sibling had been kidnapped by an oni never to be see again. I'm not sure what I should do with this. The possibilities are endless thus making it hard to nail down. 4. I want to use as many dread lord's from van Richten's as possible with Barovia maybe being a headquarters after Strahd is initially defeated(is he ever really gone though?). 5. Van Richten's adds in several more options for Tatyanas reincarnation that seem far more interesting than the traditional Burgomaster's daughter. I haven't quite pinned down what I wanna do here... 6. I might introduce Strahd's alter ego and Bagman in session 3.... Opinions?
Sorry for the overload of info and poor grammar. Typing this up in between tasks at work.
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2021.10.25 14:32 DonaldoTrumpe POTM Fofana got a dynamic image

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2021.10.25 14:32 Venom_2k2 Win "Too Many Bones: Unbreakable" Dungeon Crawler Board Game (worth 85$) {WW} (11/03/2021)

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2021.10.25 14:32 DanStanley22 Deltarune Warriors

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2021.10.25 14:32 GreenEggsnHamster Spooning by the fire 😻

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2021.10.25 14:32 Scared-Development-5 This is the Gate .IO presale price for saitama IT IS GOING TO GO PARABOLIC

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2021.10.25 14:32 GolferWangleton39 Ok this a long shot, but does anyone know the track with the “Naw Fuck That” pre drop vocal?

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2021.10.25 14:32 falisenavidad Why tf did two factor authentication switch the yes/no button

I keep rejecting my own login!! How rude
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2021.10.25 14:32 Spader623 Working on getting more into the IT field and unsure on what to tweak
Above is my resume link. I'd appreciate any help, especially font/font size and etc. I'll be submitting by PDF (that seems to be the best way?) but past that, i'm open to any suggestions
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2021.10.25 14:32 NVN_music 'na theres a bug bruv' but its a Chill Beat

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2021.10.25 14:32 cadetburb its time to be open

ok so i posted on here last night or early this morning, and i was really vague. i apologize.
I (26m) ended my 6 year relationship with my gf (26f) 2 weeks ago.
my background: youngest of 2 living under his older sisters shadow (she is a pharmacist and i am a college drop out; in the process of being hired by a fire department)
gf background: korean american college graduate working part time.
cultural background: korean culture is brutal, growing up it was very rare to hear i love you or good job outside of academics; it was taboo to speak about feelings; it was taboo to cry as a boy growing up; so in a sense i never learned how to express my feelings, i only learned how to bury it and move on.
Back story: we are both korean american who met at church (such an original story) when we first started seeing each other before dating she was messing around with another guy that she previously dated (he threatened to commit suicide if she left him) ((thats a totally different topic)) i forgave her because ultimately i wanted to be with her and it seemed that she wanted to be with me. of course it took time for me to trust her again and for me to work on my insecurities. granted it took me over a span of a year and a half to do so.
you know when you look at someone's eyes and you can tell if they are sad or happy? on our last facetime call at the very end when i was saying good night, i could see in her eyes that she wasnt happy. the eyes that were beaming with joy and light were dark and cold. Its not like i havent noticed it before, on occasion i could see this same look somedays. so i brought it up, and she had no response, no denying it and the conversation ended there. we met up 2 days later and the conversation seemed to be going nowhere, i felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and asked if breaking up was the solution, she took a long time, didnt look at me once and nodded her head. the one person that i wanted in my life no longer wants me. theres no ring on her finger i get that, marriage was in the near future as we discussed. she mentioned how she had to be emotionally aware for the both of us, and that is not her job, she also mentioned that time is all i have rn (not working) and that i wont even give her that (which in my opinion is false because i saw her 4x a week) <- i understand that it might not have been quality all the time but definitely spent a lot of time with her. (i still go to school and have training throughout the week)
at first i wasnt feeling anything, i was very numb and bitter. but now i am more clear minded and processing everything, maybe over processing (lol). I texted her this morning at 3am after not being able to sleep, i was honest in my text and very transparent.
I guess some advice that i need is 1) Where do i go from here? 2) How do i go about being more emotionally capable of expressing what im feeling? It takes me hours to process my emotions and sometimes im not able to express it (probably have an emotional age of a toddler) 3) just tell me im not alone because thats all i feel rn even when i am surrounded by a sea of people.
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2021.10.25 14:32 rievhardt Recommendations: other movies like Flipped

If you liked Flipped
Little Manhattan
put in your recommendations here:
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2021.10.25 14:32 Shawn_Zachary_Borja Well, Ina artwork in progress at the moment.

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2021.10.25 14:32 vivusvici For trade mal-ist

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2021.10.25 14:32 Adverse_Elation One day at a time, one day at a time.

Fuck one day at a time! That is all. Continue with your day.
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2021.10.25 14:32 musicacemaestro Would anyone be able to read my “Why Dartmouth” essay?

Just looking for a final review before I submit my ED application. Thanks!
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2021.10.25 14:32 trashto_ Darkrai 5911 5403 8105 adding first 10

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2021.10.25 14:32 istarxh [MOBILE][EARLY 2010S's] Endless runner where you were inside of a tube going really fast and had to avoid obstacles by tilting your phone and going 360 around it

Platforms: Android and likely iOS
Genre: Endless Runner
Est yr: 2011
Notable gameplay mechanics: you would tilt your phone and could go all around the tube
Additional description: I don't remember much but I believe the game was pretty uncolorful, mostly white and possibly had vortex in the name
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2021.10.25 14:32 Ok_Vegetable_6616 The Self-Created Disaster: looting subscriber armor in the next patch

If you follow the Spectrum forum, it is aflame right now with concerns about the 3.15 patch. People have spent hundreds of dollars subbing for limited armor sets, weapons, and now those can be lost the moment you trip on the stairs in a landing zone, die, and vultures strip your body before you can return after a visit to the hospital.
Isn't this a self-created problem? Why would you ever sell limited items to your backers if you also plan for the items to be lost easily? All I can figure is that earning more pledge money from backers was paramount, and now they have to explain to their biggest supporters that they didn't have a plan for them not to be screwed over....
They'll figure out something I guess, but not to have a plan ready for this? Amazing.
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2021.10.25 14:32 ZiggyPalffyLA Question about step 204 for the Super Mario 64 ? Block - is this piece supposed to just sit in there not connected to anything?

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