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What am I missing exactly?

Ravelry is a community site, an organizational tool, and a yarn & pattern database for knitters and crocheters. Welcome to the official website of Bountiful Blessings. Thank you for visiting us online. Please feel free to use our website to stay abreast of the latest information and events taking place with Bountiful Blessings. CONTACT US. PHONE: MAIL (320) 252-6200 . Fax: (320) 252-9367 . P.O. Box 366. Sauk Rapids, MN 56379 . IN PERSON. EMAIL . 1010 2nd Street North Find the best information and most relevant links on all topics related toThis domain may be for sale! © 2018, All Rights Reserved. powered by Lop Multimedia ®. About Muses Radio Player... Version 2.4.5 (html5) Alexandra and Michael Misczynski, the husband-and-wife team behind interior design and architecture firm Atelier AM, are known for their elegantly refined interiors that masterfully mix classical proportions, varied finishes, and exquisite furnishings, resulting in bold yet tranquil environments. KURM 2019 Annual EOO Report.pdf. KURM 2nd Quarter 2021 Issues. KURM 1st Quarter 2021 Issues Can-Am CD storage cabinet, DVD storage cabinet, media storage cabinet, stereo cabinet and file cabinets for high capacity CD, DVD, VHS, LTO, DLT and file storage. Modular, stackable, steel, media storage cabinets, TV stand, audio, video, home theater furniture, for home or office View Pick List Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

2021.10.25 12:47 WTFrenchToast1 What am I missing exactly?

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2021.10.25 12:47 Royal_Bee Any fun challenges for two players?

Just as the title says ;) My friend got ts4 recently and it would be great to play with her simultaneously in a challenge of some sort. Are there any created for more than one player? Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.25 12:46 NervousTruck0 Toxic retail work culture has got me feeling guilty for calling off of work.

I've worked retail for 15 years. I'm currently a manager for a large retail chain. It's been a rougher then normal week, I've had a sinus infection, and am just feeling general burnout. I decided to call off for work using my cold as an excuse. I'm feeling a lot better but calling off for a personal day is more taboo then calling off for being sick.
It took a lot of internal struggle to convince myself that it's ok to take a day for myself, I don't owe this company my life, that everything that I need to get done will be there when I get back.
It is so ingrained that you are not a good employee if you call off for any reason that I have been feeling extreme guilt over it, almost ruining my "personal day".
I know I shouldn't feel this way, I hate that I feel this way and I hate this toxic work practice for making me feel this way.
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2021.10.25 12:46 rafa23antunes Mercado de trabalho

Olá a todos! Vou entrar no mundo do trabalho e a única forma que tenho de saber um pouco mais sobre este assunto é a partir de dicas dos meus amigos. Alguém sabe algum website com informação atualizada em relação a este assunto? Tudo que encontro no google é referente a pessoas que querem vir para Portugal trabalhar. Eu já cá estou e sou tuga eheheh
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2021.10.25 12:46 theboyfromphl STEELERS WEEK

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2021.10.25 12:46 stodgydragon What fittings are these?

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2021.10.25 12:46 tadiub Jonathan dos Santos 100 Game Milestone

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2021.10.25 12:46 f4HR0NK Mario Party Superstars.

I have the game copy and i try it on yuzu opengl and vulcan too.
game is run fine just blue the whole map.
i don't know its amd problem only or nvidia video cards do it too.
i attach and image.
i try also with ryujinx with vulcan and everything is ok but lower fps.
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2021.10.25 12:46 bluethecoloris Boy who survived cable car crash must be returned to Italy, Israeli judge rules

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2021.10.25 12:46 PS_Alex Is HP partner catalog in Third-Party Software Update Catalogs generally up-to-date?

Greetings to you all, fine redditors!
Does anyone here has activated the HP partner catalog in the Third-Party Software Update Catalogs node? If so, how do you find its reliability?
I'm kind of interested to know if, from your experience, the HP catalog is up-to-date compared to what is being offered by HP Image Assistant. (Asking this because I observe that the catalog is hosted at https://hpia.hpcloud.hp.com/downloads/sccmcatalog/HpCatalogForSms.latest.cab, so I'm wondering when HPIA's definitions are updated then does the MECM catalog get updated as well, and vice-versa?)
We have invested quite an amount of time trying to customize HPIA using wrappers and scheduled tasks to update frequently drivers, firmware and BIOS on out fleet, but we are questionning our methods, and were wondering if we should just ditch it and use the HP catalog... I would be leaning toward asking my MECM admins team to enable the HP catalog, as that would unify the updates experience through one set of tools, and provide a consistent user experience as well. But if the calaog is not updated as frequently as HPIA, that would defeat the purpose.
Appreciate your inputs!
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2021.10.25 12:46 Milone_Money_Mindset New York sports card show pickups!!!

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2021.10.25 12:46 Burningwolf1813 r/Shitnobodytellsyou

A place to share your experience when life just kinda backhands you because nobody told you it would be like that. Or when you find out that your teachers in life left out an important sliver of information that leads to difficulty.
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2021.10.25 12:46 Joshwitcher760 Need advice for how to handle investigating a beloved public figure

I’ll try not to go into too much detail, for fear of overloading anyone reading, but basically my players are hunting the leaders of a cult group trying to destroy the gods and merge them into one being. They’re not sure why the cult is doing this, but they know they need to stop them.
This being said, they know for 100% fact that the leader of the church in this large city is a leader of the cult (there were 3, he is now the last one they know of) However, the fact that he is a cult leader is not known by the populace of the town, who see him as a local leader to be loved and respected.
The party has two days of downtime before the guy gives his next sermon, during which they know they can’t kill him, since they’ll be seen as assassins (I have a plan to set the stage for them to be able to kill him without public eyes watching).
My question/request is this, do you have any advice for me? What would you do in this situation? I’m afraid if I’m not prepared my players will go into session expecting me to give them information and tips, without actually getting anything during their downtime.
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2021.10.25 12:46 artistpillow Feels a little wierd having this many days in the green 🙈🙈🙈

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2021.10.25 12:46 bluethecoloris Congo Calling review – idealism and reality collide

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2021.10.25 12:46 mhannas Fingers crossed Austin might be released sooner rather than later (potential spoiler)

Next update, we'll be on interaction 33 out of 50 (going off of Antoine's route length) so it's about time Austin was exonerated and released. Knowing Ludia created these files already, it looks like we're finally getting somewhere. Not to mention, he looks good. Can't wait for him and the MC to finally be together (though it probably won't be smooth smiling if Ludia has anything to say about it).
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2021.10.25 12:46 vinc3nt009 Cum queen

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2021.10.25 12:46 goupixio08 anyone got their codes from gamemania ?

I need help because I didn't get mine am worried !
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2021.10.25 12:46 sousa_luis https://youtu.be/n1o3W3whwdY

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2021.10.25 12:46 Nervous_Shine_3379 1st try doing flat wire

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2021.10.25 12:46 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) 600 S RANCHO DR 10/25/2021 8:20:37 AM incident #LLV211000105048
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2021.10.25 12:46 KAROLY619 Just got silva dunno if it's worth selling my team to make a prem or not the Nkunku is untradeable

Just got silva dunno if it's worth selling my team to make a prem or not the Nkunku is untradeable submitted by KAROLY619 to fut [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 12:46 denjie Just a guy looking for new friends. Want people I can just chat with daily, or every few days, whenever we both get online. Long term.

As the title says, I'm looking for new friends. I'm not very exciting. My life mainly consists of watching netflix, attempting to cook so I don't have to keep buying fast foods. Attempting to bake because I like the end results, but hate the process. Cleaning or hanging out with my roommate who is my best and really only friend.
I never know what else to say about myself, so if there's anything you want to know just send me a chat and ask me. I'd prefer to chat on reddits chat feature before moving somewhere like Discord.
Send me a message with a bit about yourself!
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2021.10.25 12:46 Einherjar-warrior Scientists, researchers, scholars, soldiers and diplomats in a land that defies all logic, investigating it, interacting with it and writing about their discoveries.

The Land of The Abducted is a world located in-between dimensions. It appears to be infinite and displays unique and bizarre qualities. A Mysterious force seems to control it and abduct random people with its reality warping powers and bring them to The Land for unknown reasons. Victims will often feel an overwhelming sense of drowsiness, dizziness and coldness, hear a slight ringing and ticking in their ears, see shadows that aren't there and shapes that don't exist, feel as if they're being watched by something incomprehensible and will sometimes vomit, get a stinging headache and see shapes in the sky resembling eyes, worms, howling wolves, roaring tigers and tall, slender and faceless figures with horns on their heads, tails resembling arrows and unnaturally large and wide mouths. If and when these individuals fall asleep, they will disappear from where they currently are in the blink of an eye and without a trace and wake up in The Land of The Abducted.
The Land of The Abducted has a strange day and night cycle in which both the day and the night are separated into two phases both of which last approximately for ten hours. The day is separated into The Yellow Phase and The Blood Phase and the night into The Rain Phase and The Twisted Phase. There is also The Transition Phase in-between the day and the night which lasts for four hours. Every time the phases switch the land also changes.

The Yellow Phase is named after the yellow sun that shines during this phase. Notable land features include forests of grey, rocky trees, a fog that feels supernatural, normal colored water, floating, glowing fruits, randomly appearing fire tornadoes which warp reality close to them, giant mushrooms, toxic swamps, unnatural cloud formations and strange, large tentacles that appear from apparent holes in the sky and kill all who come too close to them. Creatures active during this phase include:
Swine-Rats=Hybrids of a pig and a rat. Appear to be omnivorous and eat plants, fruits, berries, mushrooms and carcasses. Are hunted for meat.
Man-Eater Plants=Massive carnivorous plants. Lure their prey, animal or human to them with an intoxicating, pleasant, mind controlling scent. Entrap their prey within themselves, dissolve them with an acidic substance and suck out every last bit of nutrients.
Silver Ravens=Silver colored ravens. Are carrion eaters. Feathers and piss are used to ward off insects.
Mist Lurkers=Creatures of smoke which have a vaguely humanoid shape and a skull head. Hide in the fog. Attack unsuspecting people and drag them into the fog, never to be seen again.
Ogres=Large, brutish creatures of pure muscle that have fangs on their mouths. Are the second strongest creatures in The Land of The Abducted. Wield primitive clubs, axes and crossbows.
Wendigos=Hybrids of a human and a moose. Extremely savage carnivores, prone to cannibalism, torture and eating prey alive. Are surprisingly intelligent, possessing steel weapons and tools and rudimentary firearms like rifles, pistols and muskets and explosives and understand the concepts of trade, community, religion, singing and strategy.
Great Spiders=Massive, venomous spiders. Live in large colonies. Are sometimes tamed and ridden by Ugurkhans.
Green Hunters=Humanoid plants. Live and hunt in groups. Wield spears and bows and arrows made seemingly from themselves and shoot shocks of electricity from their mouths.
Demon Wolves=Winged wolves with black fur and a crimson glow. Ferocious pack hunters. A Constant problem for Skyfarers.
Shroomers=Humanoid mushrooms. Are herbivores and pursue agriculture. Wield spears, knives and mushroom explosives and are infamous tricksters, thieves and raiders.
Floaters=Puffer fish-like creatures. Float in the air. Are separated into two variants: A Herbivorous, spiked one that lives in the grey woods and a carnivorous, poisonous one that lives in the toxic swamps.
Fire Sharks=Sharks seemingly made of fire. Live among the clouds. Another large threat to Skyfarers.

The Blood Phase is named after the blood-red sun that shines during this phase. Notable land features include forests of flesh trees and plants which sometimes produce a sweet blood and honey-like nectar that is used as food, red colored water, randomly appearing stains of blood, feces and copper liquid, pitch-black snow-like substance that is sometimes used to make something akin to licorice, strange rock formations that resemble horses and screaming faces, floating balls of fiery energy that can be harvested and used with the right tools and large black and red spikes that randomly protrude from the ground. Creatures active during this phase include:
Soul Deer=Grey, herbivorous deer with faint red stripes and large horns. Sucks the souls of all who get impaled or cut with its horns. Are hunted for meat.
Blood Boars=Large, fleshy, hairy boars. Is herbivorous but does seem to enjoy the consumption of blood. Are hunted for their meat and sometimes kept as farm animals.
Milk Worms=Large, purple, omnivorous worms. Produce a blue liquid that tastes like fresher and a tad bit sweeter milk. Are sometimes kept as farm animals.
Snatchers=Creature made almost completely of tentacles and eyes. Are immobile ambush predators. Grow and wait in bushes for prey that they catch and strangle to death with their tentacles and eat the corpse with its beak.
Abominations=Also referred to as The Apex Predators. Appear to be twisted messes of flesh, claws, tentacles, spikes and mouths and hybrids of multiple animals and humans. Are faster than cheetahs, extremely agile and cunning, relentless and utterly bloodthirsty.
Flesh Apes=Large, fleshy ape-like creatures. Are the strongest creatures in The Land of The Abducted. Live in groups and are omnivorous, eating plants and fruits and hunting for meat though appear to dislike human meat but will still sometimes kill them in territorial defense, fear, anger, show of dominance or fun.
Blood Dragons=The smallest of the dragons. Can appear as hybrids of a horse, a snake and an octopus and transform from that into black and crimson dragons with blood dripping from their scales when they wish to hunt. Are sometimes tamed and ridden by Ugurkhans.
Tribals=Small, red-skinned humanoids who wear tribal attire and masks which seem to be part of their faces. Are expert trackers and hunters who wield darts of paralyzing venom, spears, swords, axes and bows and arrows that are sometimes lit on fire and also use substances that cause dizziness, nausea and hallucinations in their prey or marks them with a mark they are mentally able to sense. Live in societies similar to those of Wendigos.
Mole-Men=Humanoid moles of large, fat ones who rule over the smaller and muscular warriors and the even smaller workers whose appearance changes depending on which exact task they specialize in. Live underground. Frequently raid human settlements for supplies and especially the underground supply travel system between said settlements.
Living Blood=Moving blobs of living blood. Generally docile herbivores. Can become extremely hostile and aggressive however if provoked.
Copper Ants=Copper colored, large jawed and winged ants. Live in massive megacolonies. Attack and kill humans and animals and bring their flesh to their colonies to be used as nutrients for the fungus they grow and eat.
Hellhounds=Fleshy, spiky wild hounds. Live and hunt in packs and prowl the land in search of prey with their extremely strong sense of smell. Are sometimes tamed and used by both Survivors and Ugurkhans for a myriad of purposes like hunting, tracking and guarding among others.

The Transition Phase is named after the fact that both the sun and the moon are clearly visible during this phase and that it heralds the transition between day and night. Notable land features include strange and bizarre formations of stars and light, lavender colored water, glowing trees and plants, floating rocks and trees, the purple sun, the blue moon and dark mountains from which mysterious green gas flies up to the skies. Creatures active during this phase include:
Banshees=Humanoid water spirits. Live near bodies of water. Should never be looked straight at their eyes, breasts or hair lest they kill the one who did with their deathly scream.
Spikers=Living spikes. Hunt humans. Kill by impaling their victims and burning their souls.
Vampires=Humanoid bats. Live in floating trees. Drink blood.
Phantoms=Grey, faceless, floating, humanoid spirits. Inhabit ancient ruins, abandoned settlements and forests. Randomly attack living beings.
Spirits of Medusa=Floating armor seemingly animated by glowing green liquid. Wield glowing green swords and rotten decapitated heads. Petrify their victim's whole head and the skin of the rest of their bodies with the eyes of the head they carry around, smash their victim's stone head, vomit out green liquid into the neck stump, impale their swords through it and absorb the liquefied inners of their victim into themselves with tubes which connect the sword and the hand together.
Twins=Large two-headed tigers. Are carnivorous. Heads take turns eating and watching for threats.
Tatzelwurms=Hybrids between a snake and a saber-toothed cat. Live mostly in trees, rarely moving on land. Ambush and eat unsuspecting prey and travelers.
Raptors=Purple, winged raptors. Live alone but hunt in groups. Share their kills.
Merfolk=Aquatic, fish-like humanoids. Live in large communities. Wield swords, tridents, harpoons and water magic and frequently raid human settlements.
Great Scorpions=Massive scorpions. Live alone. Extremely venomous.
Ash Foxes=Ash colored foxes. Are carrion eaters. Have the ability to turn into smoke and ash and rebuild themselves in a different location.
Crocodile-Men=Humanoid crocodiles. Savage group hunters. Seem to have taken a liking towards human meat.

The Rain Phase is named after the frequent acid rains that occur during this phase. Notable land features include dark forests of black, deathly trees and plants, grey colored water, random bursts of lighting-like energy shooting down from the clouds, randomly appearing volcanoes and caverns of lava, sickly green, spiral plants which produce a sap that is the main ingredient in many of the popular drugs, plants that look eerily similar to rotting corpses and possess glowing blue fluids that are used to make medicine and chunks of rotting meat and fungal matter randomly appearing on the ground. Creatures active during this phase include:
Imps=Small, grey-skinned humanoids with horns and arrow tails. Highly sadistic. Capture humans and especially young females to torture.
Razortooths=Massive cobras with large mouths with many rows of knife-like teeth that are capable of spinning around like a drill. Hypnotize people to walk straight into their mouths. Are fiercely territorial.
Acid Frogs=Glowing frogs. Are capable of jumping far higher than normal frogs. Can shoot acid balls from their mouths if threatened.
Lava Dragons=Dragons made of molten lava and rocks. Live in pools of lava. Hunt and kill all they come across.
Purple Dragons=Black and purple dragons. Can shoot out highly destructive purple energy from their mouths. Frequently raid human settlements for cattle.
Frost Dragons=The largest of the dragons. Appear to be rotting and undead. Can shoot out frost and ice from their mouths.
Zombies=Creatures made of flesh, wood, metal, leather, stone and other such materials. Wield ramshackle swords, claws and guns. Gather in large hordes and kill mindlessly though seem to be driven towards humans.
Grim Reapers=Ghostly, skeletal spirits dressed in black robes. Wield scythes. Kill mindlessly and can teleport.
Spirit Eagles=Eagles consisting of spiritual energy. Are utterly soundless. Are seen as an omen by humans and especially by Skyfarers.
Claw Hawks=Pitch-black hawks with extremely large claws. Hate light. Love bloodshed.
Werewolves=Humanoid wolves. Gather in small packs or large hordes. Stalk and hunt both humans and animals.
Great Ostriches=Massive ostriches. Fiercely aggressive towards intruders. Meat is considered extremely tasty by humans.

The Twisted Phase is named after the fact that the land appears twisted and distorted in some parts during this phase. Notable land features during this phase include parts of the sky appearing as if they were glitched, glowing light blue water, a similar fog as with The Yellow Phase except without the supernatural feel, randomly appearing crystal pillars and the three moons one of which is orange, the second silver and the third green. Notable creatures active during this phase include:
Aberrations=Twisted humanoid messes of flesh and digital matter whose appearance changes constantly. Randomly attack people and erase them from existence. Extremely unstable and will sometimes fatally explode without warning.
Eye Vultures=Many-eyed vultures. Are carrion eaters. Bones have a psychic effect on pests when washed with a special kind of oil which is why they are hunted and their bones used as scarecrows.
Centaurs=Humanoid horses. Extremely fast. Divided into two variants: a brown-skinned, blue-eyed, passive, herbivorous one and a black-skinned, red-eyed, violent, carnivorous one.
Blue Dragons=Blue colored dragons. Live near bodies of water. Can do hydrokinesis.
Water Serpents=Large blue serpents. Can do hydrokinesis. Are known as both helpful souls and mischievous tricksters.
Coders=Skeletal creatures made completely of digital code. Extremely cruel. Can mildly manipulate reality around them to cause all sorts of shenanigans.
Lionfolk=Nomadic humanoid lions. Seem to worship the three moons, water and weapons and consider the sun, humans and permanent structures as unholy. Capture humans and torture them by pouring hot oil on their eyes, cutting off their fingers and toes, ripping out their teeth, castrating the males and raping the females after which they flay their victims alive and behead them after which they ritualistically eat first the hearts of their victims and then the rest of their bodies and turn their bones, flayed skin and heads preserved in a wax-like substance into gruesome trophies.
Great Bulls=Colossal bulls. The largest of the greats. Hunted by Ugurkhans but not usually by Survivors.
Hydras=Large, multi-headed serpents. Hunt both humans and animals. Are fiercely territorial.
Dwarfs=Small, stocky, bearded, green-skinned humanoids. Have extremely large eyes. Are extremely capable blacksmiths but highly unpredictable in behavior and one should thus practice extreme caution when dealing with one.
Bits=Small, floating bits of living code. Are Herbivorous. Generally unresponsive and passive.
Angel-Demons=A Race of digital beings. Randomly transform between an angelic humanoid and a demonic form similar to those of Aberrations but way more stable. Contrary to their appearance, they are defenders of the weak and root out injustice.

Many people live in The Land of The Abducted, many captured from different worlds, realities and dimensions though nowadays most are born there. There are also The Potentes who make up approximately 30% of the population and who have different kinds of powers like The Fortis who have super strength, The Bellatores Ignis who can manipulate fire, The Clamoribus who can do powerful albeit dangerous dark, eldritch and occultic magics and many others. The people are separated into different types which are:
The Survivors=Make up most of the population. Scattered into multiple villages, settlements, bunkers, strongholds and ruins. Most connected by an underground supply travel system which provides goods from settlements to other settlements and a decentralized hierarchy though the ones out of their reach are on their own.
The Ugurkhans=Humans who have chosen a more warrior-like and battle loving lifestyle compared to the others. Follow a strict Code of Honor which dictates their lives. Relations with others differs from clan to clan with some coexisting peacefully and frequently trading with others and some brutally raiding them.
The Skyfarers=All Potentes. Can control wind and air but are unable to breathe the lover air of the land. Live in floating ruins and deal with others with their robots.
The Faithful=A Religious organization. Believe firmly in The Changing Lord, The Bloody Ram and The Great Judge and their eventual Salvation. Have a shaky relationship with the others and their religions though deal and trade with them nonetheless.
The Soldiers of The Abducted=An Organization dedicated to helping the population of the land neutrally. Control the supply system and are a vital part of the decentralized hierarchy. Have done some questionable things despite their altruistic goals.
The F.O.G.(The Foundation of Oblivion and Glory)=A Paramilitary organization. Seek to bring the good word of oblivion to all. Suicidal, fanatical and crazed cultists though have aided other people from time to time, do legitimately want to do good and help but just have evil methods and religion and have even pointed out some of the questionable and hypocritical things The Soldiers of The Abducted have done.
The Children of Avalir=All Potentes. Control spiritual, shamanistic powers. Believe that the bizarre nature of The Land of The Abducted can be controlled and calmed and seek to achieve that control.
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2021.10.25 12:46 PulseNewsMexico Yucatan Tianguis to Be 100 Percent In-Person

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